My Mom's Cornflakes Cookies Recipe

Assalamualaykum. 😆

Hi, some of my friends requested the recipe for the cookies I posted in Instagram story.
Looks good and tempting kan puasa puasa ni? hiks. Heyy tu belum pineapple tart lagi. 😉
Alright here there are gaiss. Let's get started.

1 adunan Cornflakes cookies = +- 50 cookies (depending on the size)


  • 120g self-raising flour (Blue Key pun okay, tepung gandum also can..) 
  • 50g castor sugar
  • 100g butter (I use Buttercup) 
  • 1 egg yolk (kuning teloq only) 
  • 50g Cornflakes (crushed) - lot 1
  • 30g Cornflakes (coarsely crushed) - lot 2
  • vanilla essence 
  • yellow food colouring (optional) 

🍪 ayak tepung.
🍪 crush Cornflakes - to not too fine and not too coarse. 50g to be added into dough, prepare another 30g crushed Cornflakes untuk sadur. [sadur? salut?]
🍪 room temperature butter
🍪 separate the yolk
🍪 preheat oven to 150'C - 160'C, conventional heating

The "How To"

  1. Mix butter and castor sugar until fluffy. (hilang sugary texture and mixture jadi whiter) - kalau anda fit, guna senduk kayu. Kalau anda ayu-ayu, guna lah mixer. 
  2. Add 3-4 drops vanilla essence. It'll give the sweet scent of the cookies. 
  3. Baling egg yolk into mixing bowl and mix well. heh. 
  4. Add 2-3 drops of yellow colouring but this is optional. Nak menarik, add a bit. taknak add also cann.. Mix until homogenous. 
  5. Masukkan tepung little by little. Jangan lempar sekali gus pula. 
  6. Then, masukkan Cornflakes. This time, kaut balik guna senduk kayu. Kaut until homogenously mixed. 
  7. Scoop the dough to the size of cookies you'd prefer, baling dalam mangkuk containing the 30g crushed Cornflakes [the one lot that I said untuk sadur the cookies]. I use teaspoon, my sister guna tangan je.    
  8. Finally, lempar dalam baking tray and bake for 15 minutes. Monitor juga hangus ke dough undercooked ke..  

Critical Processing Parameters 😳
- mixer speed = 1 to 2
- oven preheated temperature = 150'C
- room temperature ingredients

Quality Control 😝
- scoop cookies into similar sizes depending on preferred size. I like bite-sized cookies, sekali ngap, no crumbles left. KEMAS~
- store cookies separately. Jangan campur-campur biskut raya, nanti bau lain, rasa pun lain. Huru-hara critical quality attributes cookies tersebut.
- store in an airtight container

So I think that's all. Happy baking, hihi.
p/s: put Spotify on for lagu raya playlist, and joget-joget while baking kuih raya.


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