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My Mom's Cornflakes Cookies Recipe

Assalamualaykum. 😆

Hi, some of my friends requested the recipe for the cookies I posted in Instagram story.
Looks good and tempting kan puasa puasa ni? hiks. Heyy tu belum pineapple tart lagi. 😉
Alright here there are gaiss. Let's get started.

1 adunan Cornflakes cookies = +- 50 cookies (depending on the size)

120g self-raising flour (Blue Key pun okay, tepung gandum also can..) 50g castor sugar100g butter (I use Buttercup) 1 egg yolk (kuning teloq only) 50g Cornflakes (crushed) - lot 130g Cornflakes (coarsely crushed) - lot 2vanilla essence yellow food colouring (optional) 

🍪 ayak tepung.
🍪 crush Cornflakes - to not too fine and not too coarse. 50g to be added into dough, prepare another 30g crushed Cornflakes untuk sadur. [sadur? salut?]
🍪 room temperature butter
🍪 separate the yolk
🍪 preheat oven to 150'C - 160'C, conventional heating

The "How To"

Mix butter and castor sugar until fluffy. (hilang sugary texture and mixture jadi whit…

The Growth.

[free and easy entry]
I had finished my degree study weeks ago. 3 weeks to be exact. The feeling is so relieving and calming that you do not need to wake up early to go to lecture, you don't have any deadlines, you are requirement-free and other superficial *loncat-loncat* happy feelings of graduating from a degree.   but, deep down inside I do agree to some points that you're going to miss all those hectic moments of being a student. Cincaa..  
2013/2014 Year One. Gosh masa ni noob habis. Semua rasa baru, except the packed schedule lah sebab one year foundation compared to other colleague yang biasa free-and-easy 2 year foundation. All of pharmacy students (female) being placed in Mahallah Tabari. Mahallah yang tercampak di luar campus compound, no other choice of place to eat except the cafe and lifeless compared to current condition. That time, mana ada segala Burger King, MYNY cafe, laundry, Lebak.. (banyak lagi nak list down but hmm) 
My first year memories semua circulating…

Post PTIII paper - damaged.

You stayed up until it's two in the morning. Or maybe you just stayed till idk maybe three because you didn't even check the clock while revising. Then the brain couldn't have enough time for memory consolidation. You're too exhausted, the short-term memory in the hippocampus is fading. Why? Because there's no repetition. 
Try the deal - pre-read, read details and reread.  Failed. 
Everything I read seems to be locked inside but when I see the questions, I have no idea what I just read a couple of days ago. Checked the notes, (mengucap panjang) syukur ada lah juga ilmu fissudur yang Allah tolong. itupun Allah tolong.  Guessing. Its like throwing darts to target but the target is in clouds. Unbearable to be seen in naked eyes. in other words,  You have no idea about what you're guessing about.
Then nak kerja yang melibatkan people's life?  Gila. Cuba lah, cuba. belajar kerana ilmu. Cuba, belajar sebab minat nak tahu. Cuba, belajar untuk membantu. 

Berkat ke tak berkat…