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The Lies I Tell Myself

You can still be pretty without those new clothes.  You can mix and match your dress with all the scarfs you currently have, they're overloading the "shawl box".  You can always smile bright even if you forgot to put on your balm or lipstick.  You can see his moves eventho you misplaced your spectacles.  You can always be better even if you fail the quiz.  You don't need those new colour blouse.  You are beautiful outside and inside.  You are going to be fine. I mean what can go wrong when you have you yourself as lover? As a hugger? As a masseur? As everything you want la. 
Those lies I tell when I needed to console myself. To remind me that I'm broke and needless to say that my crave for retail therapy and fancy food is beyond my stomach size. 
Save money la baby. Don't buy new dress. Don't look at new shades of shawl like you need it. Drink more plain water you don't need the cornetto. Eat rice till finish, no maggi-maggi anymore for your own good. No nando…

Mind Speaks #keberapaentah

It's real. When your eyes sink deep into his eyes, or his jawline, or his hair, or maybe like in my case his canine (haishh), any words he uttered flew like hummingbird sucking the honey out of your ears but you hear nothing. 
Itu ujian bhai, ujian. Tolong lah focus.  Or suruh dia pakai niqab.