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4 - 1 = 3

There's a certain part in me, hesitating. There's a hole in me, gone missing.  There's a significant difference, between leaving and being left.   There's always a hope, from anything that passed. 
For all the times we had, nothing compared to the times we fought.  The hurt I felt and the hatred you grow.  That I just refused to show. 
Where are those sincere compliments?  Where are those crystal clear heartfelt?  You think I'm stupid?  You think my roller coaster rides are always going up?  You think my smile doesn't hide my real collapsed emotions?  You think I'm happy because I'm having what I have now?  No. Absolutely no. 
I've grown ruthless, care less, and a killer. I burned the bridge to keep us a distance.  Those lonely nights I screamed the crushed feelings.  You're so happy that you don't know what's happening to me.  You got yours and I was left alone and all you think about is my vengeance? Shit.  I built my broken pieces back with billions of…