Friday, 23 September 2016

Current mood 😒

A "leave me alone" packs of emotions and unexpressed expressions. 

I hate you people. 
Shut up. 😒
Don't talk to me. ✋🏻
Go away. 😤
Don't you dare touching me.🙅🏻 
Don't crack jokes. 🙎🏻
Wrong timing people. 🚶🏻♀️🚶🏻♀️ 
I'll be back by tonight if I'm alright. 
If not then tomorrow after tomorrow. 

Meanwhile on the other side... 

I want movies. 🎥 
I need ice cream. 🍦
Take me to a deserted beach. 🌊 
Play with my hair. 
Shut up and listen to my thoughts. 💭 
Embrace me. Cuddle me. Be by my side. 

Mannn this is what I call Pi Em Es. 

Friday, 9 September 2016

4 - 1 = 3

There's a certain part in me, hesitating. 
There's a hole in me, gone missing. 
There's a significant difference, between leaving and being left.  
There's always a hope, from anything that passed. 

For all the times we had, nothing compared to the times we fought. 
The hurt I felt and the hatred you grow. 
That I just refused to show. 

Where are those sincere compliments? 
Where are those crystal clear heartfelt? 
You think I'm stupid? 
You think my roller coaster rides are always going up? 
You think my smile doesn't hide my real collapsed emotions? 
You think I'm happy because I'm having what I have now? 
No. Absolutely no. 

I've grown ruthless, care less, and a killer.
I burned the bridge to keep us a distance. 
Those lonely nights I screamed the crushed feelings. 
You're so happy that you don't know what's happening to me. 
You got yours and I was left alone and all you think about is my vengeance? Shit. 
I built my broken pieces back with billions of hope. I hope that no one will ever dare to know me. But then someone out of nowhere came. 
And I got no idea how it sparks my entire existence. 
Return my happiness back. 
Give me my independence, my free will, my free flowing optimistic vibes. 
I fell and lost in the battle you initiated.
Deep inside my thoughts, there's ocean of overthinking memories, confusing interpretations, false hopes and complete denials. 

I just want you to know that what I've been through is nothing you could compare with yours. 
And it is easier for me to let go since I got nothing to lose. You can decide, you choose and let me know.  

Stay if you think this will worth. 
Fight if you think this will win. 
Love if that is the best you can do. 
Leave if you don't wanna get hurt. 

Run with me, or watch me as I go.


Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Wait a sec.

It's better when we know nothing about the things that may induce hatred, anger or denials. 

Certain ignorance, or lame preferences like mine (because idc about your tweets or moments or any tantrum you throw anywhere or talk bad behind my back) is actually protecting me from any misconduct. 

So One thing I keep for life, redha. 😌😌😌 

Monday, 5 September 2016


Kadang-kadang perlu je melara hati. 
Bila asyik kata "takpe, aku okay je.", ayat merawat hari sendiri. 

Tapi sampai bila nak fix sendiri? 
Perlu je membawa hati. Bawa hati jauh. 
Kau je yang tak sampai hati Dib. Kau takut kan Dib. Kau rasa kau boleh go on seorang-seorang. 

Hakikatnya kau perlu dan kau tak mahu sendiri. Perlu kalau bukan kadang-kadang, at least sekali. Biar orang tahu Kau sebenarnya dah penat jadi kuat. Sekali sekala kau harus rebah jugak Dib. Sampai bila nak pretend jadi kuat.

Cukuplah fix hati sendiri. Cukup. Cuba hilangkan diri, kita tengok siapa yang cari.