Too Tough.

Dalam satu  nafas itu terhela seribu penyesalan. Berat.  
Dalam setiap keputusan tersimpan sejuta keraguan. Yakin?

I'm still in a state that I haven't put much hope. 
After all hardships I faced. After those tremendous depression episodes. 

I keep a distance from people for more than half a year. 
I fix my heart. I sew the wounds one by one. Sometimes it tore and I bleed. 

Blinded my own eyes. Poking myself to laugh. Cry at nights. Smile a fake grin. 
And day by day, I grew up bolder, care less, but when I fall, I'm back to my real self. 

Oh you poor little heart. 

When you are alone, all you care about is yourself. 
Now that you're in a boat of two, you have to care for both. 
if the boat sinks, you both sink. 
if one lose, the other will lose too, 
if one wins, the other will also win. You're a team now. And there's no "I" in team.

Whoever came to you to claim for your damaged heart, you masked it. 
You lied. Show him the scars. Let him know how you survived. Portray them all. 

Wound heals, scars remained. 

But first, let them show theirs first. 
You don't sell to an uninterested person. You look for one who would jump in front of a bullet for you.  

It takes two to tango. You don't dance alone. You dance for two. You live for two. 
Now that I'm happier, I am more sincere, I care for more. Thank you. 

I'd like to remind me, that 
1. apologize
2. compromise
3. fix your heart. 

Life's short. Be happy!


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