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What? Where are you during her ups and down?  Where are you when she's all by herself being insulted by one or two of yours? 
Then you claim about the apple of your eyes?  That's a bullshit man. 


There's one girl when you look at her your hearts skipped a beat. She's ain't always pretty but she'll always be the apple of your eyes.  She's not that perfect but you keep longing for her silently.  You never know how hard her heart is pounding whenever she sees you even from afar. She waits. 
I wanna rock your world.  Tell her that, dude. 

Mind Speaks #3

I wanna be chubby but I can't.
I wanna be beautiful but I choose not to.
I wanna be a genius but I hate Maths.
I wanna be bold but I hid myself.

You can be anything but not arrogant.
You can have everything but not without His permission.
You can be dominant but you always have to be submissive.

Because you are both a khalifah and a slave to Him. 

Mind Speaks #2

Ucapan "my turn will come soon" itu applies to these conditions:

1. Bila kita melihat kebahagiaan orang lain yang belum kita kecapi.  2. Bila kita melihat kehilangan orang yang kita sayangi.  3. Bila kematian terjadi. 
*sabaq sat weh.