I can't write if nothing happened abruptly that it touches my heart, forcing me to write. 
I can't express what I think if I have no trigger. 
I don't simply write what I think I should because it shouldn't be written without any good intention. 

I write to make others know what I've been thinking about something. 
I write to express the burden of keeping heavy thoughts and I just want to let it go. 

I'm an observant. I look at things differently and try not to judge like how the others are judging. 
I try to put myself into it and judge how I would react without thinking the others' opinion because what's happening is only felt by the individual, not as collective. 

I can't think, I can't write. I can't simply write. 
Sometimes it is impossible. 

But to give, I need to gain. I need to earn in order to provide. 
In that case, I need to ponder harder, I need to at least tadabbur a single, simple thing happen in the universe.

Pray. For. Me.  


  1. Semoga sama-sama kita memberi manfaat kepada manusia lainnya. :)


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