I Wear My Black Armour, and I Lit My Spotlight to the Sky. It's Time to Uncover.

Assalamualaikum. Hai. ♫

Note: I need you to take this VERY SERIOUSLY. 

I know you've been talking about me lately. My posts, my behaviour and my interests now are prone to marriage, I know. 

But that doesn't mean that "aku teringin nak kawen" - sangat. Weyyy, motif? 
Like duhh.. All girls in my age have that kind of syndrome but the way you think about it BROTHER, is a bit melebih I guess. 

Most of the girls love flowers. 
Girls like makeup. Girls love wedding.  
And most of the girls like me adore all those beautiful things in life, like what is happening now. 

Until one night, I heard something bad. About me. *creepy smiling face*

Bro, if you wanna gossip, please take into consideration of the contents. I like gossipping too, but I make it in a private circle and not too "menjaga tepi kain orang". 
If you're concern about me, please ask me directly, I won't eat you but I will tell you everything you wanna know - depending on my trust in you. 

Don't make ugly assumptions. It hurts, okay. 

I am being friendly and easily approachable at the moment. Now if you'd noticed, couple of years back, I was some kind of a little monster and not everyone dare to crack jokes or talk to me. Including the sisters. 
Now, I even make them laugh. Get that? 

I'm being easy so that I can make people comfortable around me. 
I'm living this way (so open, so loud) so that people know me well enough to handle me during my high times and my breakdown episodes. Online and offline.

The ones who stay are the person who understand of how much struggle I faced, to become me. 
The ones who know how to put themselves in my small-sized shoes BEFORE TALKING behind me. 

Therefore, I want you to know that before I caught you (or I hate you), you are already forgiven. 
You need to ask me for my real story, not believing the fitnah of speculation. 

Things you might want me to uncover:

  1. I'm single. So? You can chill. We're back to normal. I'm so over of the Syndrome "kahwin awal".   
  2. Bila masa aku cakap nak kawen cepat? Gila. 
  3. I've lot of things in mind. Fb statuses are neither the whole story nor a chapter. 
  4. I'm close to many people, across courses and years (guys and girls). It's good to know more people. Kau dah kenapa?
  5. I LOVE ARTS. Beautiful things, quotes, views, everything that's pretty attract my attention. (come on, open up your mind)   
  6. I sometimes a loner. To show you I'm strong and independent. 
  7. I speak loud when I needed to - to tell you that I hid nothing behind my back when I talk to you. When you're wrong I'll prove you wrong and I learn from you, when I'm wrong please correct me. Don't leave/avoid me. 

I'm not a good Muslimah, but I always trying to be one. You can judge me and fortunately, I don't care~~ *senyum senyum*

If you don't know my true storyline, don't come out with a blockbuster, deceiving movie.-..-




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