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I Wear My Black Armour, and I Lit My Spotlight to the Sky. It's Time to Uncover.

Assalamualaikum. Hai. ♫

Note: I need you to take this VERY SERIOUSLY. 

I know you've been talking about me lately. My posts, my behaviour and my interests now are prone to marriage, I know. 

But that doesn't mean that "aku teringin nak kawen" - sangat. Weyyy, motif? 
Like duhh.. All girls in my age have that kind of syndrome but the way you think about it BROTHER, is a bit melebih I guess. 

Most of the girls love flowers. 
Girls like makeup. Girls love wedding.  
And most of the girls like me adore all those beautiful things in life, like what is happening now. 

Until one night, I heard something bad. About me. *creepy smiling face*
Bro, if you wanna gossip, please take into consideration of the contents. I like gossipping too, but I make it in a private circle and not too "menjaga tepi kain orang". 
If you're concern about me, please ask me directly, I won't eat you but I will tell you everything you wanna know - depending on my trust in you. 

Don't make …

Midnight Morning

Salam, hai. :) 

A very long hiatus indeed. Took forever to write a new post. Even forget how to write too. 

I'm taken into a cave of assignments, seminars and reports since the day I started my clinical year. And now I'm a cave girl!
It was exciting actually, realising that you are now a senior student though my size is a bit "junior". Whatever then, I don't care. 

Oh ya, I've been very intoxicated by my own emotional control nowadays. As if I'm PMS-ing every day. Maybe because of too much work work work in 24 hours time which is just not enough. Or maybe procrastination is at its best. 

I have panda eyes, and I hate to see them. I looked like I haven't slept for days but in reality, I'm a koala. Hypersleeping syndrome. haha. 

Well, it's late now to think for a better entry. So uhh, goodnight