Thursday, 3 March 2016

Never too early to develop wifey materials. never. 
Some things in life need life long practice. 

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Smile Because It's Sunnah!

As sa la mu 'a lay kum. :) 
Hi, miss me? hahaha

I have something to tell about what I learnt today in life. It's about giving people positive vibes thru anything you can give. 


"It's Jumuah (Friday) and the Khairat fund bag was circulating around the hands of students during lecture. Khairat money will be used for the wellbeing or welfare of the student if any unexpected or unfortunate things happened. I was sitting at the back (yeah I'm one of the back benchers), particularly  listening to the lecture when the bag arrived in my hand. I had a quick glance to my wallet and sighed. I had no cash! Just a few coins. In mind I said I can only give this amount, I hope next time I can give more. Pray that I'll earn more insyaAllah. My friend sitting next to me looked at what I've been doing for so long with the Khairat money - I was sorting the money out according to the values. She asked "why?" and chuckled. 

I said "Aku tak boleh bagi banyak, aku sumbang apa yang mampu selain duit. lulz"


"I rarely remember about what I posted or liked in Facebook. Then today my friend told me that "you've been sharing about exciting things, happy statuses." And I was like "no lahh, denying". Before that, I eavesdropped her conversation though I couldn't hear it 90% of the whole conversation. haha but frankly, she's having conflict. A minor one I guess. Then when I walked away to my college, I was thinking about something. 

"Everybody is fighting their own battle." 

I don't know what kind of problem she's having and she has no idea how I suffered from my own inner conflict before I can live this happy life but we still look after each other for good. 

That's what we should be. We look after each other, we induce the happiness together. By being nice, we spread positivity without effort. and SMILE, regardless of whoever you're dealing with.  Smile, only use lesser facial muscles than to frown. 

Smile, it may melt hearts. hearts okay, hearts. uuuu.. haha

Okay? okay~ 

You are under arrest! 
but why?
because you stole my heart. lulz.