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I Love You, Friend.

Lepas berkira-kira, berendam air mata bagai for the whole week, aku finally rasa yang "weyhh I need to feel good, weird doh kalau aku bermuram durja"

ni semua syaiton homesick, syaiton "you're not worth it" punya kerja. 

girls, in whatever you do, do your best. Do it your way. Never ever let people downgrade you to the stage you don't belong to. Be you, the truly you. 

macam aku. sangatlah pelik bila aku tak ketawa sehari. sangatlah pelik bila aku tak ukir senyuman walau sehari. aku pun boleh jadi gila. tapi nak buat macam mana kalau soal hati ni tak tahu nak bicara macam mana kan. So let it gooooo,, nangis puas-puas, bersedu sedan siap and then get up. takde masa nak bersedih lagi dah. 

After all, Allah yang susun. have faith, okay? 

Even yang susah nak move on pun eventually akan moved on. Akan move on.  (talking to myself) 

this time, kau actually found out yang siapa sebenarnya yang ada masa kau susah, masa kau dipijak orang. never let go the hands that bring…


Sometimes broken sometimes fixed. Looking from afar you'll see perfection, the nearer you get, more flaws you'll see.  The flaws are nothing but cracking solid, rusting and dried heart.  Then you'll know that this ain't right. 
She thought she'll get better by the time she's older.  But people say, the older you get the wiser you may be.  Wisdom thought her to be strong in gentle. And wisdom shaped her to be diamonds, not in the same range and prices as glass and of course superior than those plastic. 
One of the people chose to be with the one who suited the eyes instead of whom the heart wants.  When the plastic so called love broke, they lost.  Let she tells you that she's your wrong choice and She was worth it that She've been left for reasons she don't know. 
You know her name, not her story. You lied to her. You betrayed her. You let her down. You didn't even open any opportunity to her. She'll remember how you treated her and promised not to t…