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I Need Something Deeper

"Superficial Love"
You're really cute, I must admit
But I need something deeper than this
I wanna know when I'm looking at you
That you don't only see the things you want to

'Cause I'm not perfect, I'm flawed
And if you don't like that, get lost
'Cause I don't want it if it's fake
I don't want it if it's just for show, for show
I just want it if it's real and I'm thinking I should let you know, you know

This superficial love thing got me going crazy
Baby if you want me, then you better need me
'Cause I'm so done, not being your number one
And if you wanna keep me, then you better treat me
Like a damn princess, make that an Empress
'Cause I'm so done, not being your number one
This superficial love

Fun at first, I won't deny
But I want more than just what meets the eye.
I wanna know when you're looking at me
That you see deep into my personality

'Cause I want aut…

Have Faith

We make mistakes in every minute. 
Then every two to four hours apart, we seek forgiveness in our prayers.  Aren't we feel ashamed?  No. Unless you do but most of us don't. 
Malunya menghadap Allah in a way that kita tak ready, tak prepare, tak bersungguh.  Kalau dengan manusia, we can get ready for it hours before. Bila nak jumpa Allah? MasyaAllah kain pelikat lusuh, telekung bertahi lalat, make up sayang nak basuh, pakai short tertarik-tarik masa nak rukuk wa sujud. Allahu. 
Teruknya iman. Mungkin lebih nipis dari kulit bawang?  Ikut usrah, tapi tak macam ikut usrah. Masuk telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri. 🤕 
Kejar publisiti dunia, abai publisiti di akhirat.  Ingat "bila kita kejar dunia, akhirat berlari meninggalkan kita. Bila kita kejar akhirat, dunia berlari mendapati kita." Allah.
Aku buruk, hina, berdosa. Jangan pandang aku superior, aibku Allah tutup sempurna.  Aku berusaha untuk buat apa yang aku kata. Aku tak mahu meludah ke langit, juga tak mahu menjilat ludah sen…
Better regret the thing you didn't say than to regret the thing you've said. 
Alhamdulillah the mind couldn't speak out loud; if it does we'll be killed due to the war of thought.
There are significant differences between readers and non-readers. 

Those who can write, explain and make rhymes.  Those who can use simple words to beautify a sentence.  Those who can hide behind every writing, unseen.  Those who believe that thru writing, the heart and mind speak.  What you read is what you'll write. What you do is what that'll define you. 
Just to say that no matter what you do, you'll always be remembered. It is you who decide how people's gonna remember you. 😘

Insomniac - post exam and supersaturated mind.

I couldn't sleep, so I'm up to write.

My mind couldn't get over something. Something I think not worth it yet unconfirmed. It's about a tug-of-war game involving heart strings.

I should not let my mind speaks the hell out of it but when the heavy weeks of exams were over and there's plenty of time to kill till the next OSPE and presentation so I'm sure there's a lot more to think than to just carry out a normal life. Well, being normal is boring but being abnormal is kinda freaking me out. to be honest, I'm stuck between both and now being so in the middle of nowhere trying to figure things out but it will never will.

Because this involves people and I think that people are not aware of what I've been thinking. Yeah since I speak to me and only me.

You know, since the day we made the decision to "you go your way and I'll go my way", or "you do your thing and I'll do my thing". I've been thinking that it is better that way…