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You are not alone.

Hello. Its me. :)

You know, a person who is considered very strong is not a person with many bulging muscles. The strong ones are the ones who are strong enough to forgive and forget. Can you do that?

Especially when you're hurt so much like you feel you're physically dying and emotionally collapsing? 
When the people blame you for the thing you yourself have no idea about it?
When people won't accept you the way you do just because they think that you are insufficient of some values they're expecting from you?
or when you have nothing but yourself and people expect you to give your all? 

People are much more like satan when they forget they are supposed to be a human. A human specifically a muslim has two roles in life; a slave, and a khalifah. 
A human should possess humanity. A human should behave like human, understand other human. If you want perfection, then show me your perfection first. 

You know you can't bear so much more when you're hurt like hell. You can e…

If You Know Me

If you see me singing, it means I'm either happy or sad.
If you see me laughing,  it doesn't mean I'm that happy. 
If you see me smiling at smallest things, it means I really mean it. 
If you see my sujood is longer than before, it means my emotions are collapsing.
If you see I shut my eyes during my prayer, I was actually holding my tears back.
Loving all is not an option, it's called as mercy. ♥ And revenge means nothing but a portrayal of an ugly personality. If you really know me, then you would know which 1 is chosen by me.