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In Case You're Wondering Why...

Assalamu'alaykum my dearest fellas 💕

Hi :)

Bahasa Melayu lah ya, senang. hohoho
Alhamdulillah, being selected as a Taaruf Committee again untuk intake 2015/16. *wuwuwu suka suka*
Last time, I'm in Catering unit. This coming event, I'll be in Registration unit. Dua unit yang berbeza I tell ya. 

Induction & Prep - kami berkenalan. There're 10 of us and most of us are second year. I said most. Ya Allah, semua baik-baik sangat. uuuu  (May Allah bless y'all).  

The theme for last intake's taaruf program was from our unit! Alaa yang "The Glory of Islam starts with you" tu. Hmm macam tu lah time induction. Get to know people, reset mindset untuk start working, team building, then by evening of 2nd day, dah start get into business. 

Buat apa je? Banyak weyh sebenarnya. 
Meeting, meeting and meeting. Kami diberi handout menus, tentatif program untuk prepare mana untuk dinner, mana lunch and all. Then kami bahagi tugas. Siapa handle VIP, siapa handle miner…

Part Of My Eid '15

Assalamu'alaykum people of the world ♥

Eid is less than two days from now. Roads and high ways are filled with cars and other means of vehicle. Peoples are hoping to be safely arrived to their hometown from the city. 
Raya prep is getting to the max. Raya songs berkumandang di corong-corong radio. :P

I'm sitting at the front hall of my house, tryna write something that can boost my writing pattern and ways of arranging my thoughts into words. I'm done with my prayer and now wearing face mask while writing a nonsense post using my laptop on my lap. face mask? 
Konon raya nak muka flawless tanpa sebutir jerawat, ceh! (dream on,kan?)

This time, raya will be celebrated with my dad's part of family. Last time, the eid was celebrated in my house where all my mum's siblings and relatives gathered here - penuh rumah aku. Well, the more the merrier, kan kan? *suka*

Lagi satu, raya kali ni lebih produktif la aku boleh kata. We made 4 types of raya cookies - Cornflakes cookies, Suj…

SEVEN REMINDERS from a sinner.

Assalam 'alaykum. ♥

Monday - Ramadhan 19

This holy month of Ramadhan has come to more than its half. Tomorrow we'll start counting the blessing of the last ten nights of Ramadhan, attempting to obtain the night that is better than a thousand months. 

Alhamdulillah, I've been blessed with the chances to perform in the last eleven-ten days of this holy months and I'm really really really grateful. Cause usually I can't. hoho 
Keep praying so that we can perform really well, in the pink of health and strive in Ramadhan to make it our turning point - to be a better practicing Muslim onward.

Seven simple yet not so easy to do/not to do during Ramadhan:

1. Do not backbite people - especially when you're online. Be it Instagram or Facebook. Backbite people won't make you better than them anyway. If you like 'em, double tap. If you don't, scroll faster. Don't be such a hater.

2. Try to talk less - the more you talk, the more nonsense it can be. So shut the mou…