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Bukan Dia, Tapi KITA.

Hoi Assalamualaikum! ♥

How's your Ramadhan? Hopefully semuanya bagus-bagus aja deh. :)

Cuti tiga bulan ni baru berlalu dalam lebih kurang sebulan. Time really flies that fast, eh?
I need a time machine to go back and correct my flaws and mistakes. They're overflowing and I need to cover or get over them by improvement a lot more than them.
Dah jangan nak kritik manusia lain macam kau tu keturunan malaikat yang imannya konsisten. 

Biasa, cuti ni banyak melirik mata pada post-post di FB. Selain mencari/mencuri resepi masakan atau kuih, banyak jugaklah baca post di IIUM Confession page.
Banyak sangat ragam manusia. Pernah aku tanya seorang sister, "akak follow tak page IIUM Confession tu?"
"hah? ahh tak follow tapi baca la kalau ada kawan-kawan share tu"
"hmm tak payah la kak, banyak yang merepek je"

Merepek ke? Kadang-kadang~
But most of it are as the page's name, C O N F E S S I O N. kadang-kadang terlalu jujur. Kadang-kadang terlalu menyentuh. Kadang-ka…

Hashtag Adib Amani - Road To Amani's Wedding

Assalamualaikum. hi ! ♥

I'm deviating from the actual hashtag (#akifamani) because I'm gonna write about amani and me, not amani and akif. wekk :P

Finally! My beloved Winning Eleven batch mates are gonna tie the knot. That is why the hashtag is there. But Akif is not so 'beloved' la. Amani jek. hehe
And I'm one of their friends that lompat-lompat plus jerit-jerit excited once I knew about their plan of getting married by this August.  Gila tak heksaited? hoho


We first met in our dorm. She's the only Form 4 left in that dorm since all Form 4 students are allowed to BBM on that week. There was cricket interSBP (aku lupe apa term dia dowh) match being held in the school.

All new intake students were also went back home after registration since their houses are mainly near the school. Dekat la nak compare dengan negeri lain, still Selangor~
So I stayed there for a week with full of crybaby mood.
Tengok orang main kriket pun air mata meleleh. tolong ahh dibb....…

A Major, Winning Throwback. Part Two.

Assalamualaikum, hey! ☃

Here's another snippet about my school memories throwback. heee ^^

I was a member of Merah Dua (Ruby 2). Our dorm is at the first floor. All forms are there in the same room. Be it juniors or seniors, 16 people.
During my time, there were four Form 5 seniors; Kak Kim, Kak Aimi, Kak Fizah and Kak Izni.
Wallahi, their characters are very different to one another. haha

Then Form 4 students are the majority.
Khadijah, Farah, Asiyyah, Iggy, Amani and me. They're five sweetest girls I've ever met.
Amani, Asiyyah and me are in IIUM now, Iggy is studying law in UiTM, Dijah is gonna be a physician and she's in UM while Farah's gonna be Malaysian Arabic expert in future from Kolej Islam. insyaAllah~

They are very nice, smart and helpful. Me is not. haha

I was a total rebellion. 2 weeks after the intake, we're approved to BBM (balik bermalam). So I went home.
The day that we're supposed to be back in hostel is always be the hated Sunday. I secretly broug…

Ramadhan Dulu...

Assalamualaikum. hi ♥

Ramadhan will be here soon insyaAllah in just few more days.
Keep on praying so that Allah will permit us to enjoy Ramadhan as well as Syawal. :)

I wanna share about my Ramadhan last time when I was in school (and after school life). heeeshh tak habis lagi throwback, belum2. 

Ramadhan tiba Ramadhan tiba..  Marhaban yaaa Ramadhan marhaban yaa Ramadhan.. -sang by my colleague named Echa- (and this song is really contagious! you may end up humming it though its over yesterday or day before yesterday)

Okay I cakap Melayu je since malam ni I malas nak translate my thoughts into English. hoho

Masa sekolah dulu-dulu kan..
Bulan Ramadhan ialah bulan yang paling best. Sebab? 
Sebab best. haha

Awal Ramadhan semua semangat pergi DM (dewan makan) untuk sahur. 
Tengah Ramdhan setengah orang dah malas nak siap pergi DM. Ada juga yang malas bangun sahur terus. bagus.
Selalunya dalam dorm tu I'm the one who got up for sahur, sebab memang tak boleh kalau tak sahur. Makan lah kurma tengah-t…

A Major, Winning Throwback. Part One.

Assalamualaikum. 💞

Hi. I promised myself to write about my life in school previously in my Instagram since one of my friend did uploaded a picture of our school with her so nostalgic yet memorable caption. 
We are having a bit different experience and history there because I'm a new intake who was registered into that school when I was in Form 4 and she is the existing student. 

So here's my part of throwback memories. 

I was a second intake student. When it was our time of orientation, we were only about 20 students plus. I remember the peers in charge of our sort of mini orientation which are Brother Sufian and Kak Aisyah. They're the PRS (Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya) who are very responsible and kind. Heee ^^

I was alone back then. I know no one. I was so pathetic, yes I am. 
My tudung was like too kebelakang and I dressed like a not-yet-having-puberty naive girl. Selekeh and seleybet I may say. hoho

Me, back then. LOL.
Then, the orientation is over. I was fighting with myself so …

Post Finals, Pre Holidays

Salam. Hi!

Haaahh I've been neglecting the blog since finals. HOHO

Biasalah, degree life.  Me as a Pharmacy students. They may say pharmacy is just a piece of cake. 
You better take back your words bruhh. 

You have more than hundreds of medicine to be memorised not just by the name. How it is administered, how it is metabolised, and even how they get their name!

Okay now imagine how we as Pharmacy students need to bear with the "macam-macam" nomenclature of drugs. We usually twist our tongue during the night before exam, tryna remember the drug's name. hiks ^^

Eptifibatide, Triamterene, Spironolactone, Ezetimibe, Tirofiban, Acetazolamide, Neostigmine and many more tongue twisters are there! 
Telan je lah, kannn.. esok masa paper, muntahkan. ><

So the last semester I was taking 7 subjects plus 1 university required course which is Entrepreneur. They are:

1. Dosage Design 1 
2. Sterilization and Aseptic Technology
3. Body System 1; Cardiovascular and Haematology
4. Body Syst…