Sunday, 26 April 2015

Feedbacks. (Mixed Ver.)

Salam 'Alayk. Hi people. Hai manusia. Hai hamba-hambaNya. :)

I've been receiving feedbacks from a reader or two regarding my blog posts. Ada yang kata "your posts are simple, keep it up" and ada jugak yang kata "hmm ada tak faham. English too high".

Well, MANA ADA! I think the language is the easiest, the simplest. haha sebab I'm not Shakespear's daughter, MUET pun tak dapat band 4. (badpokerface)
No worries, I'll update in mixed, bahasa and full English okay.

The main reason I write in blog is because I wanna improve my English writing, my way of thinking, my way of expressing things. Bila sudah fasih berbahasa Melayu [alhamdulillah], maka yang perlu diasah ialah Bahasa Inggeris, bukan?

Takpe-takpe, kita belajar sama-sama okay? 
When I write in English, we learn to understand what is meant by the writer. 
When I write in Malay, mostly sebab nak terus sampaikan maksud dengan cepat without having too much time cari thesaurus atau idioms atau cari vocab baru. heh.


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Cukupkah sekadar CAKNA? (Mixed Ver.)

Why would I want to insult Malay? Nobody chose to be Malay. Islam is the problem. It's violent, sexist, advocates slavery, cruel/unusual punishment, death to infidels, etc.

You're the most "popular" religion in the world BECAUSE YOU FORCE BABIES BORN TO MUSLIM PARENTS TO BE MUSLIMS, AND YOU PUNISH MUSLIMS WHO TRY TO LEAVE ISLAM WITH DEATH. Of course your numbers can only increased... all forcible conversions, shame on you!

Only insecure Muslims will be offended. Other normal Muslims are proud that even non-Muslims took the time and initiative to learn their holy scriptures.Malays will be Malays, backward. What do you expect from uneducated, uncouth pariahs?

*These are copied from Alvin Tan's video comments that he himself said that.

ada juga comment from a muslim saying that "Best azan from non muslim, welcome to a peace religion. Allah is only one. Any race can be a muslim" and he replied "Peace be upon you, my brother... Insya-allah, saya akan diberi hidayah."

Of course ada yang marah, hambur kata-kata kesat pada dia (MOSTLY MELAYU!) and he replied "To all angry, vulgar Muslims out there, remember, your perception of me is a reflection of you."

oh ada jugak komen sarkastik by other non muslim yang support his act by saying " OH MY GOD HAHAHAHHAA. Perfect thing to wake me up in my shitty sleep deprived morning! Thank you!"

Fikir semula. Salah kita tak junjung akidah sebetulnya. salah kita campur jahiliyyah dalam hati bersama islam. Salah kita tak berakhlak seperti mana Rasulullah berakhlak walau dengan kafiroon. salah kita yang fikir hidup di dunia hanya untuk bersuka ria, YOLO. salah kita mengotori kesucian bangsa.
Islam bukan untuk melayu semata, Islam itu untuk semua, untuk seantero dunia.

Kalau anda fikir saya mula menjadi ekstrem, fikir semula. Atau anda yang sekadar mahu cakna isu semasa tanpa muhasabah diri anda. Let's us rethink, rejuvenate our (yours, mine, mine and mine) imaan and akhlak together.

HIDUP BUKAN SETAKAT MAKAN, TIDUR, BELAJAR, KERJA, KAHWIN DAN MATI. hidup selepas mati itu lebih tinggi nilainya daripada mati semasa masih hidup.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Stargaze in midnight.

Salam 'Alayk. hoihoi. :)

I'm back to write! (after I'd finished a quiz that I'm not really satisfied with and this writing was made after the

During my short and lifeless weekend, I daydream a lot. Like, a lot!
And I dreamed in sleep and nap too. Too much I guess?

Yeah, woolgathering about my future job, my future self and of course I couldn't resist from imagining my own future wedding. tetttt...
It's actually neither to run nor stay in the stargaze; thinking that I'm still doing my degree and I should not think about it or I'm already 21 so i should at least have an idea of it. heart and mind war. Nahhhhh...

Well, I have my rights to berangan whaattt...

To make things interesting, these are what I dreamed of during my no-no study time.


Rustic Wedding Theme!

More DIY - cheap, save and fun!
The "makan beradab" table / High table

Tears were drooling last time I googled these images. Bukan gedik tak reti sabar, NO! But it's too beautiful. It's b-e-a-u-tiful~

Of course Malaysia is a forever hot and humid country but nothing seems impossible nowadays. [with money]
But where can I find a barn designed like a foreign country barn not a bangsal at the backyard or a wide, green grass yard to put all those canopies, or if it's gonna be a canopy-less wedding, what if suddenly it rains heavily?.. or how can I make time to do all things as DIY when myself got caught by the on-calls, emergency ward round, therapeutic drug monitoring or what not. oh my.[berangan okay, berangan.]

Tapi, gettin' pictures which hold thousand of hopes and dreams is simply heart warming.
Warm in the soul. Cold in the extremities. Please check whether you're having peripheral vascular disease. ok hambar. [post Cardio quiz syndrome. sorry]


Simple, minimal lace, Ivory

I'd like to be in off-white or ivory-coloured dress but I also can go with tiffany blue, salmon peach, dusty pink or any other pastel colours and the lace is a must. 

Minimal details at the front region cause it's gonna be covered by my hijab anyway.
Not so tight at the arm part, wudhu' friendly. (if I'm gonna be lucky [or unlucky?-for some reasons] for having my menses on that day, it would be such advantageous as I don't have to care about my praying time, to get change or to fix my hijab again cause I just have to concentrate on the event!)

Lol. everything has its own pros and cons kannn. haha

And I like dress with empress cut for its design, unheavy detailings and able to make me look illusionistically tall.
because I'm lack in heights. OK, nuff of that.


Well I LOVE shoes, more than I love movies. Be it heels, flats, flipflop, peep toe or slip on platforms whichever suits my small little skinny feet, I would buy it and I would wear it.

Comfortability is a major criteria of all. *euoff course - read with attitude*

To match with my dress, I would pick these babies..

the 2nd one is PRADA. If you buy 'em, you ain't got a wedding to make. 

Where can I find you baby..
PRADA bridal shoes.

Or maybe when the event is getting longer than what you've expected, the former may changed into these..

haha not gonna happen unless your mum let you wear the Fipper on your wedding day. The Keds teacup edition might be a good alternative if your feet become severely sore or start to ulcerate. lulz.


let the photos speak please..

 Single tier, made with love, decorated by me, tasted by me, eaten by all.
Add some colour to plain, simple dress. Red roses are too stunning, I need something more modest. Baby pink roses and baby's breath combination. 
Ever thought of calla lily bouquet? That one is CHANTIK too!
 DIY projects here and there. Make everybody around busy making stuffs. *Hitler mode: ON*
Simple yet mesmerizing details on table. Less workload, happy tummy. :')

These all are what my imagination can go beyond instead of imagining the boat conformation [stereochemistry] in Organic Chemistry and what not. 
I thought of these when I don't study. When I study, I didn't think about any of these. 

Basically there're more to think about other than these when it comes to a wedding. The most important part is you are gonna be in marriage life, and wedding is nothing but a day of commemoration of your first part of blessed marriage life. And marriage is distinct from a wedding. 

Quoted from Hilal Asyraf book, "Sebelum Aku Bernikah" - kalau hendak kahwin, semua orang mampu. Tapi untuk berumah tangga, bukan semua mampu. Perkahwinan hanya sehari, tetapi rumah tangga bertahan selama mana kedua-duanya mampu menjaganya, biiznillah. 

I'll make a post about what to have in mind when you're preparing towards marriage. okay? 
[bukan expert mana pun tapi tahu dan rajin ambil tahu. So, I wanna share what I know to y'all who don't know about what I know]

*hope that will help you guys out there*  toots.

The Dreamer,

Monday, 13 April 2015

Post-MK post!

Salam 'Alayk! :)

Hi fellas. This blog is meant to be the place where I nag about what happens to me and my life.

Believe me I really wanna complain a lot about me having inconsistency in study and I have a very bad satisfactory level to my own self. 

Why? because I can't answer the body system quiz that I had this evening. I'm not very well satisfied with my own answer. Menyampah dengan diri sendiri. hoi rasa nak lempang diri ni. Oh Godddd... ><

ok, nuff. Instead of talking about nonsense, here I am to tell ya bout my last weekend activity. 

On Saturday, I went to a campsite to attend an event handled by my big sister. We termed it Mukhayyam (MK). Roughly, there're 136 participants of MK. All of us are female! yeayy! [jumping]

Y'know,sometimes it's good to be far away from male. Not that I'm not straight but yeah it felt really good to be yourselves without having to behave so much like when you're in front of boys. 

Camping, is when the girls don't shower. heheh

Long nagging cut short, here's the resolution of my MK because MK is part of tarbiyah and tarbiyah is what makes you tough. [biceps UP!]

Oh before that, let me tell ya the theme of MK. The theme is "baadiru!" and it means hasten or speed up or hurry! in doing dakwah /  improve ourselves / prevent evils (nahi munkar).

During our final moments together, we need to list down our jahiliyyah  or bad continuous deeds in a piece of paper and throw it away in a box prepared labelled with "jahiliyyah box".

I wrote: 1. movie marathon (with crying emoticons. I'm a movie addict.). 2. english and kpop songs (I got Rihanna's, JT's, GD's, Usher's, Exo's, Maroon 5's, and this post's gonna be forever if I listed 'em all). 

These are major. I got some minor but I couldn't brain them at the moment. [sorry] 

So, these are part of my resolutions:

1. Change lagha English movies to documentary or history. 
2. Change the songs to listening to instrumental music or brain music. [you can google "Bamboo water" to have an idea of that]
3. Read about sirah of sahabah / prophets and learn. Read more!
4. At least, tadabbur a page of Holy Quran per day. It's a shame to not be able to read at least a page. T.T

The world needs us. Baadiru! 

The sinner,

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Bloody Test

They thought it was nothing until somebody uploaded a picture of this,
in our Whatsapp group, "flowers".

In all of a sudden, the situation became more terrifying when an Indian health practitioner came into the office with a big box of Evacuated Blood Container and all stuffs needed for the screening test. 

And we were there, observing him putting out all the equipments like "fuhhh this is it. This gonna be it." haha

One by one was called by name according to the list. 


"helehh.. ape lah sangat.."   walking calmly.


"Huhuuu.." she went towards the table nervously and when its nearer, her hands started shaking. Her bff came beside her, motivating her. Once her hand was put onto the table, she looked away. She bit her lower lips. "Hmm... ><" Then seconds after, 

"eh dah ke? Allah.. penat je gelabah." 

 eheh. I grinned, cause my name will be called soon after Husna.

"Adib uhh Aimi." Her eyes looked around, looking for the owner of the name and I was standing right in front of her. 

Its Husna's turn now. She looked so relax and I was standing behind her watching her blood withdrawn from the vein into the container. It was super fast; the evacuation of the blood. Luckily I'm not haemophobic. 

Even if you're a Bachelor student now, the feeling is similar to those kids. :')

And she's done! ITS MY TURN now. >.< 

Sitting there with my arm stretched over. The heart seems like it has skipped a beat. Tachycardia. Arrythmia. heh, haha. 

Y'know, the needle looked like sama besaq dengan tangan. Either my arm is so skinny or the needle is big. Haaa too hyperbolic hohoho. 

Finally, the Hepatitis B screening test is over. I didn't cry or terjerit pun. tak sakit, kot. Tapi kuat jugak ketap bibir tadi. :/
We're gonna receive the results later. Then we'll have the vaccination in year 3.

There's more stories to tell, but I have MORE quizzes to study for. T-heee *wide grin*

Girl in Mustard Scarf.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Me and my Qana'ah.

Assalamualaikum. Hi!

This entry is about the relationship of my Qana'ah and me. tetttt..
Basically my qana'ah is a very shy one. Neither too exposed nor hidden. Again, tetttt.....

Usually, my qana'ah don't really get near me. It happens when I start scrolling the Instagram. Y'know, the people I followed in the IG are pretty much 'loaded'.

well, here they are. 

  • They have got Iphone 6 when it is newly released. 
  • They're married in early age (rich parents/running their own business/get sponsored). 
  • They've been working for something worth thousands, (these are the celebrities of my age!). 
  • They've been abroad for a vacay, they eat in a famous restaurant and post pictures of it. They even wear luxurious brand of cosmetics I may say like Chanel, Lancome, Estee Lauder and many more. 

How do you know? 
-they upload pictures of theirs of course-

And some of them are called "instafemes" or in normal English we call it "Famous Instagram users".  

So back to the title of me, and my Qana'ah. 
Sangat lah menipu diri sendiri if I say I don't want all that. Well some of it had been in my wishlist for years!
My qana'ah always remind me that "sedaq diri la wey. hang student kot. you don't need that. You already have this and that. why bother of having something like other's?"

Desires, desires. [read it like how Dakota Fanning said the word decisions in Eclipse]
 It will always ignite the feeling of wanting something that YOU DON'T HAVE. 

macam hang gelap, hang nak putih. then belambak orang jual 'qu puteh hang pun puteh'.
padahal kulit perfectly sun tanned lah yang white, fair-skinned people nak nak. 

Qana'ah once told me, "Blessings are what we have, what we are granted for and not always of what we desired and called it a bliss"

Qana'ah is what we must have in how we dress up, how we talk, how we act and etc (end of thinking capacity. lol)

You don't need everything you want just because your friends have it. 
You don't need to exaggerate in your life so that people embrace you.  
You just have to be you. 

and make your qana'ah stay with you. Those materials won't last. 
Your qana'ah will be your shining armor to protect you from materialistic worldview. 
-haa macam UNGS pulak. haha!-

qana'ah means kesederhanaan. :) 
TFR. {Thanks for reading. eheh}
yours truly,
the shopaholic.