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Feedbacks. (Mixed Ver.)

Salam 'Alayk. Hi people. Hai manusia. Hai hamba-hambaNya. :)

I've been receiving feedbacks from a reader or two regarding my blog posts. Ada yang kata "your posts are simple, keep it up" and ada jugak yang kata "hmm ada tak faham. English too high".

Well, MANA ADA! I think the language is the easiest, the simplest. haha sebab I'm not Shakespear's daughter, MUET pun tak dapat band 4. (badpokerface)
No worries, I'll update in mixed, bahasa and full English okay.

The main reason I write in blog is because I wanna improve my English writing, my way of thinking, my way of expressing things. Bila sudah fasih berbahasa Melayu [alhamdulillah], maka yang perlu diasah ialah Bahasa Inggeris, bukan?

Takpe-takpe, kita belajar sama-sama okay? 
When I write in English, we learn to understand what is meant by the writer. 
When I write in Malay, mostly sebab nak terus sampaikan maksud dengan cepat without having too much time cari thesaurus atau idioms atau cari vocab …

Cukupkah sekadar CAKNA? (Mixed Ver.)

Why would I want to insult Malay? Nobody chose to be Malay. Islam is the problem. It's violent, sexist, advocates slavery, cruel/unusual punishment, death to infidels, etc.
You're the most "popular" religion in the world BECAUSE YOU FORCE BABIES BORN TO MUSLIM PARENTS TO BE MUSLIMS, AND YOU PUNISH MUSLIMS WHO TRY TO LEAVE ISLAM WITH DEATH. Of course your numbers can only increased... all forcible conversions, shame on you!
Only insecure Muslims will be offended. Other normal Muslims are proud that even non-Muslims took the time and initiative to learn their holy scriptures.Malays will be Malays, backward. What do you expect from uneducated, uncouth pariahs?

*These are copied from Alvin Tan's video comments that he himself said that.
ada juga comment from a muslim saying that "Best azan from non muslim, welcome to a peace religion. Allah is only one. Any race can be a muslim" and he replied "Peace be upon you, my brother... Insya-allah, saya akan diber…

Stargaze in midnight.

Salam 'Alayk. hoihoi. :)

I'm back to write! (after I'd finished a quiz that I'm not really satisfied with and this writing was made after the

During my short and lifeless weekend, I daydream a lot. Like, a lot!
And I dreamed in sleep and nap too. Too much I guess?

Yeah, woolgathering about my future job, my future self and of course I couldn't resist from imagining my own future wedding. tetttt...
It's actually neither to run nor stay in the stargaze; thinking that I'm still doing my degree and I should not think about it or I'm already 21 so i should at least have an idea of it. heart and mind war. Nahhhhh...

Well, I have my rights to berangan whaattt...

To make things interesting, these are what I dreamed of during my no-no study time.


Rustic Wedding Theme!
More DIY - cheap, save and fun! The "makan beradab" table / High table
Tears were drooling last time I googled these images. Bukan gedik tak reti sabar, NO! But it…

Post-MK post!

Salam 'Alayk! :)

Hi fellas. This blog is meant to be the place where I nag about what happens to me and my life.

Believe me I really wanna complain a lot about me having inconsistency in study and I have a very bad satisfactory level to my own self. 

Why? because I can't answer the body system quiz that I had this evening. I'm not very well satisfied with my own answer. Menyampah dengan diri sendiri.hoi rasa nak lempang diri ni. Oh Godddd... ><

ok, nuff. Instead of talking about nonsense, here I am to tell ya bout my last weekend activity. 

On Saturday, I went to a campsite to attend an event handled by my big sister. We termed it Mukhayyam (MK). Roughly, there're 136 participants of MK. All of us are female! yeayy! [jumping]

Y'know,sometimes it's good to be far away from male. Not that I'm not straight but yeah it felt really good to be yourselves without having to behave so much like when you're in front of boys. 

Camping, is when the girls don't s…

The Bloody Test

They thought it was nothing until somebody uploaded a picture of this,
in our Whatsapp group, "flowers".
In all of a sudden, the situation became more terrifying when an Indian health practitioner came into the office with a big box of Evacuated Blood Container and all stuffs needed for the screening test. 
And we were there, observing him putting out all the equipments like "fuhhh this is it. This gonna be it." haha
One by one was called by name according to the list. 
"helehh.. ape lah sangat.."   walking calmly.
"Huhuuu.." she went towards the table nervously and when its nearer, her hands started shaking. Her bff came beside her, motivating her. Once her hand was put onto the table, she looked away. She bit her lower lips. "Hmm... ><" Then seconds after, 
"eh dah ke? Allah.. penat je gelabah." 
 eheh. I grinned, cause my name will be called soon after Husna.
"Adib uhh Aimi.&quo…

Me and my Qana'ah.

Assalamualaikum. Hi!

This entry is about the relationship of my Qana'ah and me. tetttt..
Basically my qana'ah is a very shy one. Neither too exposed nor hidden. Again, tetttt.....

Usually, my qana'ah don't really get near me. It happens when I start scrolling the Instagram. Y'know, the people I followed in the IG are pretty much 'loaded'.

well, here they are. 

They have got Iphone 6 when it is newly released. They're married in early age (rich parents/running their own business/get sponsored). They've been working for something worth thousands, (these are the celebrities of my age!). They've been abroad for a vacay, they eat in a famous restaurant and post pictures of it. They even wear luxurious brand of cosmetics I may say like Chanel, Lancome, Estee Lauder and many more. 
How do you know? 
-they upload pictures of theirs of course-

And some of them are called "instafemes" or in normal English we call it "Famous Instagram users".