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At the peak of Pelindung Hill.

Mencari Hikmah Pun Payah!

Assalamualaykum. hai.. Its me, again. of course, its my blog. 

Some people are blessed with good spouses. Some people are blessed with awesome parents and family. Some people are blessed with flying colours results. Some people are blessed with good looks while others are blessed with good akhlak. 

kawan-kawan, bersyukurlah. Aturan hidup ni Allah susun cantik sangat. Kita usaha saja ke arah kebaikan, sebab takdir yang telah ditentukan itu dirahsiakan. Kurangkan possibility ke arah keburukan, moga Al-Wakil sudi memandang kita yang hina ini ke arah kebaikan.. :) 

sayang semua, jom jadi baik? 
Tadi ada usrahmate tanya "macam mana nak cari hikmah di sebalik sesuatu tu". Aku faham dia maksudkan musibah atau ujian, tapi tidak disebutnya. Atau itu yang kami semua dapat brain that time. Ditanya seorang demi seorang bagaimana cara mereka menguruskan diri apabila konflik melanda. 

Jawabku - ambil masa. Duduk seorang, berjalan seorang, menung sorang-sorang. Semua sorang-sorang sebab bukan a…

To Whom It May Concern..

Assalamualaikum, hai :)

I believed that some people might have been touched or even traumatized by my words especially to those who involved in my life, personally. I am very straight forward person, and I usually express what I think or feel. But most of the time I can say that I hold my words back, just letting them to pass by. Unfortunately, I do admit that somehow there are times when I accidentally, unintentionally say things harshly or I made people annoyed or mad because of my expressions. 

Couple of days ago I posted a status on facebook. Some people might take it easy but I know I should also consider some people who might be taken back by my words based on their conditions. They may be in a conflict among themselves or hungry or something that causes them to take my words as deep as the Pacific Ocean. hmm.. 

I'm sorry. ;(
I may have chosen the wrong phrases or what not but believe me I didn't mean to. Niat aku lain, tapi yang tersebut lain pulak. Maka yang difahami juga …

Takdak Tajuk?

Attitude over looks. Dalam Surah Yusuf, Allah ceritakan betapa kacaknya Yusuf AS sehinggakan isteri raja Al-Aziz juga menggodanya. Bila Raja Al-Aziz dapat tahu maka ditanya kepada isterinya tentang hal itu dan isterinya mengatakan yang sebaliknya. Kemudian Yusuf dibawa untuk pengadilan sehingga terpenjara selama beberapa tahun lamanya. Suatu hari Yusuf AS dapat membuktikan kebenarannya dan dibebaskan. Raja Al-aziz juga menjadikannya sebagai pengurus perbendaharaan hasil negara Mesir. (long story cut short)
Yusuf AS juga bernafsu, tetapi dalam surah Yusuf ada mengatakan bahawa segala nafsu itu mengajak ke arah kejahatan kecuali nafsu yang diberi rahmat oleh Tuhan. Dalam surah tersebut, Yusuf berkata Jika Allah tidak melindunginya daripada nafsu tersebut, maka dia juga boleh tergoda dengan isteri Al-Aziz. To this point, sentiasa berdoa agar kita dilindungi oleh Allah daripada nafsu kita sendiri. 
Okay now, attitudes over look. Maksud saya, attitude tu jauh lebih penting, jauh lebih mempengar…

Aku Tau Dah!

Aku tahu dah kenapa aku makin kecil. 
sebab asal orang jumpa aku je depa kata "makin kecik eh kau". tak pun "tak besar2 aku tengok kau ni"
Kau tahu kata-kata tu doa? 

dah, lepas ni kalau jumpa aku make sure cakap "makin sihat dan cantik aku tengok kau dib" 

Forget those hardships and turbulence. Start pondering your bountiful bless Allah gave since you were born.  Walahh :)

Nak Cerita ke Tak

Assalam and hi ! :))

I have times when I have tons of stories to tell but then I make last minute decision; not to tell anybody.
That time I have a complete blog post, I saved it as a draft; unpublished. 
Sometimes I wrote things fast, to tell, then I pressed backspace too long; it is deleted. 

yeah, things don't come the way we want it to be. 
And we don't usually do what we think we gonna do. We make mistakes, we change mind again and again and mostly what we do is we told ourselves not to think about something yet that thing will always running in our head.

They said we didn't move on, I said yes though we can pretend it as a no. 

Life's hard yes it is. For you who haven't experience any depression before, let me tell you this:

1. A depressed person will smile even at smallest things. because they're trying to fight with sad emotions. They know they should laugh at least once a day for survival. That's why.
2. You may see them as happy as they are physically, but…

You are not alone.

Hello. Its me. :)

You know, a person who is considered very strong is not a person with many bulging muscles. The strong ones are the ones who are strong enough to forgive and forget. Can you do that?

Especially when you're hurt so much like you feel you're physically dying and emotionally collapsing? 
When the people blame you for the thing you yourself have no idea about it?
When people won't accept you the way you do just because they think that you are insufficient of some values they're expecting from you?
or when you have nothing but yourself and people expect you to give your all? 

People are much more like satan when they forget they are supposed to be a human. A human specifically a muslim has two roles in life; a slave, and a khalifah. 
A human should possess humanity. A human should behave like human, understand other human. If you want perfection, then show me your perfection first. 

You know you can't bear so much more when you're hurt like hell. You can e…

If You Know Me

If you see me singing, it means I'm either happy or sad.
If you see me laughing,  it doesn't mean I'm that happy. 
If you see me smiling at smallest things, it means I really mean it. 
If you see my sujood is longer than before, it means my emotions are collapsing.
If you see I shut my eyes during my prayer, I was actually holding my tears back.
Loving all is not an option, it's called as mercy. ♥ And revenge means nothing but a portrayal of an ugly personality. If you really know me, then you would know which 1 is chosen by me.

Confession - Resolution - Reflection ☕

Salam 'Alayk and hi.

Well. How's life? :)

I'm home since 3 days ago and I am currently sipping the fresh and hot caffeine-contained drink and trying to write about something.


I used to think before I sleep. I have some thoughts about what I should do instead of what I've done during the day especially when I realized that I've done sth wrongly. Err I might say No it's not wrong but maybe it's a bit not-at-the-right-time for that. Oops, wrong timing. 
-yeah, that is an ego in me speaking-

Who the hell out there has no ego? 
MasyaAllah I would answer my beloved Rasulullah didn't have any of that vices. 
Now we, human would always be overwhelmed by our own self-destructible characteristic. The meaning of self-destructible or apoptotic (technically biologically termed word) is for the soul. You destruct your own soul, by your everyday activities unknowingly that some of that could make your heart dirtier and dirtier day by day. 

1.Buat apa-apa tak be…

Love Letters

When I stress I eat and I sleep.
I cried in my sleep and wake up with a bloated face. 
I spend more time singing sad love songs and long pray.
I keep myself a distance from other people. 
I talk to myself as if I need an expert advice. But the only remedy I got is from an instant reflection of what I've done wrong. 

I talk to my mum as if I do not have any other problems. But beyond that, I don't wanna make her overthink of me. I know how overthinking can push away happiness. 
I fake a smile to almost every person i encounter. But when the stress struck me hard, I couldn't even make an effort of straining any facial muscle to create a smile. 

and I got headache. the extreme one. I couldn't stand well, it hurts or in other words, it kills me.
Some people might think that is normal, but you can never expect they're fighting the same battle as you are. 
Their battle may be tougher. 

I could've been imagine how I may behave if I let the old me get inside. You may hate me eve…

Pathetically Pathetic

I'm being so pathetic nowadays even though no one can see how pathetic I was.
I can't even catch a breath during last week's five days of life in this current semester. It's hectic, packed and I struggle so hard to adapt myself.
I lost my self esteem, I'm sick of my own time management and I hate seeing myself saying out excuses by excuses on my own work. In mind it feels like I'm putting myself on a stake, or trying to jump off from a high cliff or what not.

People don't see what I see. They don't feel what I feel. No one knows what others are feeling or experiencing at the same time they're having the time of their life. It can be irony and rarely to be the same.

However, there can never be hardship without ease. There can never be sorrow without happiness. 
There can never be human race continuity without us, eh? >.<

Believe, that everything has an end. And the hardship will be paid off at the very end. 
Good things are worth waiting. 

And waiting …

Usrah; The Second.

Usrah kali ni lebih santai. Lebih #deep.
Usrah dimulakan dengan ucapan emcee which is Jea (read: J). Simple fatihah kemudian pass pada Mijj untuk short tazkirah. 

Tazkirah ni pada sesetengah orang benda yang annoying. Tapi pada sesetengah orang yang mencari tujuan hidup, it is something. Kita mungkin fikir "alahh, common sense." But believe it or not, yang common sense itulah yang kadang-kadang human susah nak buat. Maybe ada yang fikir "bajet baikk je nak ingatkan orang. diri sendiri tu?" Oh well, kau nak menyetan sampai bila agak-agak kan?

The principle of YOLO; You Only Live Once membawa banyak makna. It depends on how you mean it. It depends on how you bring things in your life. Misalnya sukakan dunia, kita isi dunia dalam hati kita dengan macam-macam hal dunia. Ada juga yang beringat, lalu diisikan akhirat dalam hatinya. Tapi most people, most Muslim akan mix. Ada sedikit dunia & kejahilan, ada juga sedikit iman & amal dalam rongga hati. 



Orang tulis blog untuk promosi, iklan, cerita kisah hidup, untuk perkenalkan itu ini, bagi tips, life hacks, review dan macam-macam lagi. 

Tapi sesetengah orang yang ada kenginan nak menulis, tapi tak punya waktu yang mengizinkan. Jadi wujudlah Twitter. It is a microblog. Tapi budak zaman sekarang guna Twitter macam instant messaging. Sesetengahnya lah, tak semua. :)

Aku tiada Twitter. Kenapa?
Cukup kot Facebook dan Instagram yang meragut banyak masa untuk dunia. Tak perlu kot tambah dengan Twitter pulak. :)

Ya, kadang-kadang aku tradisional. Tengok bahasa pun kadang-kadang aku seperti di era lain.

Dan  untuk blog, niat pada mulanya untuk mencari inspirasi dan memberi inspirasi. Tapi kupunya kekangan masa. Aku kini di Tahun Tiga, tahun klinikal. (aku rasa macam kat Indon dohh)
Research sahaja dah dua. Quiz lagi. Assignments lagi. 

Senior cakap 3rd year ni macam transition state daripada liquid yang lembik-lembik flowy gitu (more on fluid I guess sebab ada lagi sisa2 pepejal malas masa 1st ye…

Aku nak cerita..

Sebolehnya aku nak cerita banyak benda.
tapi aku tak cukup masa.
Bukan lah 24 jam tu tak cukup walhal setiap manusia is granted with 24 hours each day kan.
Tapi, ada priority yang lebih prior daripada apa yang aku fikir prior. faham tak? haha :D

List to-do sebelum balik!

Salam 'alayk. Hey! :)

Allah..... Mengada sungguh kan. Cuti dah nak habis baru tergedik-gedik datang idea nak buat macam-macam. 
Tu belum lagi yang mama request untuk buat before heading back to Kuantan. Sebelum pergi De Rhu Resort untuk induction, sebelum mula bekerja untuk sambut new intake budak-budak degree, sebelum itu ini. wuwuwu.. 

OH MY GODDD.. *breathe heavily*

Whether sempat atau tidak, whether ada rezeki buat atau idak, sini. Buat check list. Hoh!

1. Tart nenas sebalang dua. Satu adunan. 

2. Coconut jelly. 

Malangnya I have to do it before my lil munchkins balik rumah for balik bermalam. I mean the two of 'em. The second and third younger sisters. One from Melaka, another one from SMKA. Kesian aku, ye aku tauuu.. 

3. Nombor rumah. Oh mai, mama sure gelakkan aku. Masa dah suntuk baru terhegeh-hegeh. Takpe, raya haji nanti insyaAllah balik. Sleeves up babes, jom bertukang! 

4. Bake a cake. One of my sister request for it. Hmm Hmmm.... We'll see. A simple butter cake won'…

Battle Ground.

Aku meniti usia yang semakin dewasa.
Pemikiranku berubah mengikut corak arus semasa.
Dulu aku mengada, tak serupa perempuan syurga.
Banyaknya dosa, pahalanya tiada jika aku kira.
Sungguh. Bukan aku pinta, tetapi Allah menetapkan segalanya.
Allah izin aku begitu, untuk aku menjadi manusia di lain masa.

Manusia lainnya mungkin menyangka aku sempurna serba semua.
Kecacatanku entah siapa mahu bertanya.
Bukan aku mahu menceritakan serba satunya.
Cukuplah kau tahu, aku cuma manusia biasa.
Imanku naik turun mengalahkan roller coaster lajunya.
Sekejap terasa iman di dada namun sekelip mata sahaja menjunam mencium tanah.

Bila terasa diri bercahaya, lantas riak, ujub, memenuhi muka.
Bagai dunia itu hanya aku yang baik sahaja.
Aku tak begitu, aku tak mungkin berbuat sedemikian rupa.
Tapi aku lupa, yang Allah mengawal kita.
Kerana pulut santan binasa, kerana mulut badan binasa.

Tajamnya lidah, tiada bertulang.
Buruknya lisan tanpa ilmu, amalan, ihsan yang bertunjang.
Oh bukan cuma lisan, tapi juga perbuatan.

Story behind it.

Assalamu'alaykum. hoihoi. :)
How's life? Alhamdulillah, never better. 
Cuti dah nak habis, another 2 weeks to go approximately.. wuwuwu After induction, start Taaruf program. After Taaruf, life's getting back to normal as a third year student. 
I've never imagine to enrolled myself into pharmacy school. Since I was a child, maybe 6 to 7 years old I wanted to be a doctor. I love going to hospital. I like the smell of clinic, hospital and even dental clinic though I hate going there for a check up. However, I never think or having a thought or a daydream or maybe a vision of me becoming a dentist. Maybe sebab dentist is not a quite popular ambition among children back then. Yelah, dah nama pun budak. Apa yang kawan dia nak, dia pun nak. Ingat tak borang profil murid yang catat all kita punya details macam berat, tinggi, cita-cita sepanjang kita sekolah rendah dulu? Yang every year of school guru kelas akan interview kita nak jadi apa.  Haish polis, bomba, doktor, pensyarah, j…

I just nagged.

Assalamu'alaykum :)

Hey. (lambai-lambai)..

Kau tahu, aku bukannya dari dulu mahu cerita apa yang berlaku. Dari kecik dulu, I felt like i'm living under a crystal globe that only involve me and my family and friends. No interruption from the internet, no cellphones, not even a radio.

My dad used to ask us with questions in the car when we were heading off somewhere or when he reached home from work. Soalan macam "Aimi, apa perkara baik yang Aimi dah buat hari ni?". Then to my sister, "Adik, hari ni adik dah buat apa untuk mama ayah?"
Yeah, cuma kami berdua masa itu. Kakak, adik. Yang lain masih di alam lain :). So when we're asked with Dad's questions, it took a while to figure out what have you done thru out the day. It was harder to think whether the actions done were good or bad or could've been worse. We were 4-8 years old children back then. dasyat punya question. Adik aku tu pun macam ter'mumaiyiz' lebih cepat dari budak lain. haha

Little and Travelling. Alone.

Assalamu'alaykum fellas. :0 

I used to travel across counties all by myself. It was since years ago when I was being apart from home to study in PJ. 
Actually I started to make an independent move (but not so independent cause I got company) in travel when I have to enrolled in a boarding school located more than a hundred and fifty kilometers from my hometown. I took the fast train from KL Sentral originally - boarding at Rawang station to Batu Gajah station. For nearly 2 years. Form 4 and Form 5. 

So when I got myself registered for foundation studies in PJ, I make myself a lot more independent than before. The route to go back home, what bus should I catch to go to KL Sentral or Midvalley, what train should I board from where-to-where, how much money should I spare (not in wallet but inside jeans pocket), how many bags do I need, what to wear, what to bring, what to expect and also what to gamble. hiks. 

too much to figure out I guess.

Now that I'm in Pahang, even tho Pahang is …

In Case You're Wondering Why...

Assalamu'alaykum my dearest fellas 💕

Hi :)

Bahasa Melayu lah ya, senang. hohoho
Alhamdulillah, being selected as a Taaruf Committee again untuk intake 2015/16. *wuwuwu suka suka*
Last time, I'm in Catering unit. This coming event, I'll be in Registration unit. Dua unit yang berbeza I tell ya. 

Induction & Prep - kami berkenalan. There're 10 of us and most of us are second year. I said most. Ya Allah, semua baik-baik sangat. uuuu  (May Allah bless y'all).  

The theme for last intake's taaruf program was from our unit! Alaa yang "The Glory of Islam starts with you" tu. Hmm macam tu lah time induction. Get to know people, reset mindset untuk start working, team building, then by evening of 2nd day, dah start get into business. 

Buat apa je? Banyak weyh sebenarnya. 
Meeting, meeting and meeting. Kami diberi handout menus, tentatif program untuk prepare mana untuk dinner, mana lunch and all. Then kami bahagi tugas. Siapa handle VIP, siapa handle miner…

Part Of My Eid '15

Assalamu'alaykum people of the world ♥

Eid is less than two days from now. Roads and high ways are filled with cars and other means of vehicle. Peoples are hoping to be safely arrived to their hometown from the city. 
Raya prep is getting to the max. Raya songs berkumandang di corong-corong radio. :P

I'm sitting at the front hall of my house, tryna write something that can boost my writing pattern and ways of arranging my thoughts into words. I'm done with my prayer and now wearing face mask while writing a nonsense post using my laptop on my lap. face mask? 
Konon raya nak muka flawless tanpa sebutir jerawat, ceh! (dream on,kan?)

This time, raya will be celebrated with my dad's part of family. Last time, the eid was celebrated in my house where all my mum's siblings and relatives gathered here - penuh rumah aku. Well, the more the merrier, kan kan? *suka*

Lagi satu, raya kali ni lebih produktif la aku boleh kata. We made 4 types of raya cookies - Cornflakes cookies, Suj…

SEVEN REMINDERS from a sinner.

Assalam 'alaykum. ♥

Monday - Ramadhan 19

This holy month of Ramadhan has come to more than its half. Tomorrow we'll start counting the blessing of the last ten nights of Ramadhan, attempting to obtain the night that is better than a thousand months. 

Alhamdulillah, I've been blessed with the chances to perform in the last eleven-ten days of this holy months and I'm really really really grateful. Cause usually I can't. hoho 
Keep praying so that we can perform really well, in the pink of health and strive in Ramadhan to make it our turning point - to be a better practicing Muslim onward.

Seven simple yet not so easy to do/not to do during Ramadhan:

1. Do not backbite people - especially when you're online. Be it Instagram or Facebook. Backbite people won't make you better than them anyway. If you like 'em, double tap. If you don't, scroll faster. Don't be such a hater.

2. Try to talk less - the more you talk, the more nonsense it can be. So shut the mou…

Bukan Dia, Tapi KITA.

Hoi Assalamualaikum! ♥

How's your Ramadhan? Hopefully semuanya bagus-bagus aja deh. :)

Cuti tiga bulan ni baru berlalu dalam lebih kurang sebulan. Time really flies that fast, eh?
I need a time machine to go back and correct my flaws and mistakes. They're overflowing and I need to cover or get over them by improvement a lot more than them.
Dah jangan nak kritik manusia lain macam kau tu keturunan malaikat yang imannya konsisten. 

Biasa, cuti ni banyak melirik mata pada post-post di FB. Selain mencari/mencuri resepi masakan atau kuih, banyak jugaklah baca post di IIUM Confession page.
Banyak sangat ragam manusia. Pernah aku tanya seorang sister, "akak follow tak page IIUM Confession tu?"
"hah? ahh tak follow tapi baca la kalau ada kawan-kawan share tu"
"hmm tak payah la kak, banyak yang merepek je"

Merepek ke? Kadang-kadang~
But most of it are as the page's name, C O N F E S S I O N. kadang-kadang terlalu jujur. Kadang-kadang terlalu menyentuh. Kadang-ka…